Finding Nemo

This term we are focusing on a film study on Finding Nemo. So far Marlins wife has been eaten by another fish and had lost all their babies. Marlin found one single fish nere the drop off and called it Nemo.

Marlin took Nemo to school one day and they went to the drop off. Nemo took off with his new friends and saw a but (boat). They had a competion who could go the closest. Nemos dad came and put a stop to it but while Marlin was talking with the teacher Nemo went and touched the boat.

Nemo started swimming back but divers from the but (boat) came out and took Nemo. Marlin started swimming after them but couldent catch up, then he found Dory and she showed him were the boat went. But then they ran into a shark that took them back to his house and got a smell of blood and tried to eat them.

We have been looking at visule, sounds and coulurs so far in our film study to do the visule we turned the sound off and looked at there body language. For the sounds we took away the pictures and just listened to the sounds and for the coulurs we stoped every once in a while and looked at dark and light coulurs.